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Claiming VAT Before Registration on Vehicles

You can claim VAT on good and services made before registration, in terms of

  • Good up to 4 years if the goods still available or is been used to make goods which are available still
  • Services up to 6 months.

Buying a new car

You can all the VAT on the new car if it is used only for business. No private usage. Such as Taxi, Driving instructor, and Self-drive hire.


Leasing a car

You can claim up to 50% of the VAT, however if it is used mainly for business then you can claim the full VAT amount.


Hiring a car

Again, you can claim up to 50% of the VAT charge, however if the car was hired not to replace a company car then you can claim all the VAT if the car is not hired for more than 10 days, and is used only for business.


Commercial Vehicles

You can claim the full VAT amount on commercial vehicles as long as is used for business purpose only.

Other costs

You will be able to claim all the VAT amounts relating for the running and maintenance of the vehicles. I.e. repairs and etc.