CIS Construction Industry Scheme

Getting gross payment status: Construction Industry Scheme

When you register for CIS Construction Industry Scheme  in order to get payment in full without deduction at source by the contractor, you will need to apply to HMRC to allow you to get gross payment.

Then in order to be eligible you must show that

  • You have paid your tax and national insurance in the past on time
  • Your turnover must be at least:
  • A) £30K if you are Sole trader
  • B) £30k for each partner in a partnership, or £100k for the partnership as whole.
  • c)  £30k for each director of a LTD Company, or £100k as whole
  • if the Company controlled by 5 people or fewer then annual turnover of at lest £30k for the legibility.

for more details about CIS please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help further.