VAT 126 might sound like a puzzling code, but it’s actually a way for companies to get back the Value Added Tax (VAT) they paid on certain business-related goods. Here’s a breakdown in simple terms:

What’s a VAT 126 Claim?

Definition: VAT 126 is like a refund for companies. It helps them reclaim the VAT they paid on business goods they’re exporting or removing from the country.

Who Uses It: Companies that buy stuff in the UK but don’t keep it here – like sending things abroad or using it on duty-free ships or planes.

Key Points about VAT 126 Claims

Goods Eligibility

Exporting Goods:

If a company is sending stuff outside the UK, they might claim VAT back.

Duty-Free Use:

Items used on aeroplanes, ships, or trains for duty-free activities can qualify.

Who Can Claim

Registered Businesses:

You need to be a registered business in the UK to make this claim.

Conditions for Claiming

Time Limit:

Companies need to make the claim within certain timeframes.

Proof Required:

They need documents to prove the goods left the UK.

VAT 126 Claims

Why VAT 126 Claims Matter

Saving Money

It’s a way for companies to save money by getting back the VAT they paid on certain goods.

Supporting Businesses

It supports businesses by making it easier for them to trade internationally without extra tax burdens.

Fairness in Taxation

It ensures that companies aren’t taxed twice on goods that are not used in the UK.

Common Misconceptions

VAT 126 Isn’t for Everything

Not all goods are eligible for a VAT 126 claim, only those that meet specific criteria.

Rules to Follow

Companies need to follow specific rules and provide evidence to get the VAT back.

Ensuring Smooth Claims

Understanding Eligibility:

Knowing what goods qualify is crucial.

Documentation Matters:

Keeping proper records and documents is key for a successful claim.

Why Should We Care About VAT 126 Claim?

Money in the Pocket

It’s like finding loose change in your pocket – companies can get their tax money back.

Helping Businesses

It makes it easier for businesses to trade internationally without extra tax costs.

Fair Play with Taxes

Companies don’t get taxed twice for things they’re not keeping in the UK.

Don’t Get It Twisted

Not for Everything

Only certain goods can get a VAT 126 claim – not everything counts.

Follow the Rules

Companies need to play by the rules and have proof to get the tax back.

Challenges and Solutions


Getting the necessary paperwork in order.

Understanding the specific rules for different types of goods.


Keeping organized records and understanding the rules for each type of claim.

Seeking advice or guidance to navigate complex situations.


VAT 126 claims might seem like a complicated jigsaw puzzle, but they’re a way for businesses to save on taxes for goods they don’t keep in the UK. By understanding the rules and requirements, companies can reclaim the VAT they paid on certain goods that are exported or used for duty-free activities. This helps support international trade and ensures fair taxation for businesses, making it a valuable resource in the world of commerce.

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