Tax compliance Checks

Tax compliance Checks

Tax compliance Checks
  • Tax compliance Checks

You may get picked up by HMRC  on weather you have paid the right amount of tax or not. The procedure usually follow that will be HMRC will write to you and will want to check on, any taxes you have paid, checking self assessment tax return you have filed, company accounts return, or PAYE records.

HMRC will request to visit you, or ask you to visit them. you are allowed to have an accountant or legal adviser with you during the visit, at this stage if you don’t cooperate you will end up paying penalty. Once you provide them with all the information then HMRC officer will write to you with the results. If there is any additional tax you will have 30 days to pay the tax, you may also have to pay penalty and interest on the under paid taxes.

The investigation is very stressful, but there are some ways to easy the stress, by providing them with all the necessary documents that they have asked for, you will have the opportunity to review your tax affairs and to tell HMRC about anything that they may need to put it right.

The inquiry can be based on Full enquiry which is basically the officer will review the entire records of the business, or it could be Aspect enquiry which means a certain aspect of your recent tax return is being checked, or it could be Random check, which means just checking to see if all your records are correctly done and there is no error in the returns.

Most checks are done because something has triggered the enquiry or an information received by HMRC through UK’s tax information exchange agreements with other countries.

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Accountants in Slough Services offered:

  • Deal directly with HMRC officer

  • Compliance reviews of all your accounting records.

  • Review with HMRC all your taxes.

  • Prepare accounts and any additional reports.

  • Identify areas where we can assist in minimising your tax liability.

  • Insure the accounts comply with statutory requirements.

  • Review all returns submitted.

  • Unlimited telephone & email support.

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